At Universal Printing we’re a leader in Digital t-shirt printing. Digital Printing is a process of transferring your detailed multi coloured artwork to fabric using digital technology. Looking much like a high tech home ink jet printer, our Digital printing process is perfect for clients that want to achieve high definition photorealistic images or for smaller print runs in order to avoid the set up costs associated with screen printing.

We operate a range of hi-tech digital printing machines and can consistently print over 200 units per day. You’ll just love the detail, colour and realism that our digital printers can bring to your next print job.

Digital printing is available for T-Shirts, Singlets, Teatowels, Calico Bags, Micromesh Tees and much more.


We offer a re-labelling service that adds real value to your product by allowing you to create the full branded look for your business. Re-labelling is a great option as it allows you to add important details like your company name, website address or your own specific product text on the neck tag of your garments. With re-labelling, your customers will always know where they bought that favourite t-shirt, hoodie or polo.

Our re-labelling service is in-house which ensures a high level of quality control and quick turn around on all orders. You should allow 3-10 working days for re-labelling depending on the order size and time of year. Once your order is placed we will give you an estimate on when labelling will be completed. Please note that all re-labelling must be completed before orders are shipped.


We have a team of award-winning designers on hand to assist with any design request you may have. They’ve seen it all, so don’t be afraid in letting your ideas fly for your free design. But that’s not the best part, did we mention that they’ll help FREE OF CHARGE for all orders over 100 units?

If you’re interested in speaking with one of our awesome designers about your free design, call us on (02) 9008 8577 or email us at


So you’ve spent hours agonizing over getting the design just right, you’ve finally chosen the perfect Tee and you’ve shopped hard to get the best price possible for your design to be printed, it should be perfect right?

At Universal Printing & Apparel we guarantee that it will be (within reason). In fact, we’re pretty much the only printing company we know in Australia that guarantees its work. We check all our tees before printing, our machines are carefully checked before each job and we check the quality of your job before it’s lovingly packaged for delivered. Your investment with us is important and we take it all very seriously.

We love your new threads just like you do.

Getting Started


If you have your artwork ready, simply email it through to and attach a brief description of the type, quantity and colour garments you’re after. Our design team will create a template of how your artwork will look when printed and email it to you within an hour free of charge.

Don’t have your artwork ready? Then simply call our in-house designers to discuss your needs on (02) 9008 8577.